the SoulCare Project  

The SoulCare Project is dedicated to providing leaders intentional space for rest and communion with Christ.   


Our desire is to give leaders a safe place to experience the quiet assurance of God's love without becoming over-worked, exhausted and burnt out. 


The majority of this vision has been accomplished by exposing leaders to the significance of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care, and by providing retreats where leaders have an opportunity to set aside their busy and productive life in order to listen for and hear God's voice through stillness.



"What a beautiful gift: to be remembered by name, for prayers that I would know my belovedness in God and to be reminded that I'm not alone in struggling to live in that place of belovedness.  I think that the retreat you guys at The SoulCare Project and Wedgwood created for us will continue to resonate through the coming days and months for me."

Mainstream artist and retreat attendee


"We experienced safety together in a very short amount of time, many of us openly weeping and passing tissues with a pat on the back and still full attention on the spiritual feast before us.  One of us said she felt "whole" for the first time in a long time. I felt full, my inner emptiness met with the love of God in Jesus."

Stay at home mom


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